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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  April 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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a deadly baltimore just 2 there were 5 murders in there were 3 separate of shooting. there was also a ssabbing. the murders homicide count for the year too64. that's higher homicides there were at thisstime last year. arrested aman they say is responsible...foohomicides last week ttat within 24-hoors. is accused of fatally shootinn 47-year old keith cooper at phe apartments onconway streett downtown. accused ofkillingg 50-year old eddard jones... 3 - nats of bells - shot of man sg saluting a how emotion and respect for william donald sche. scheafer. where he traveled and how people responded on his final tour. 3 rallying to support beating victim. why someethis aatack should be a hate crime. crime. a nun stuck on an elevator...for four ddys. dayy. there is not a moment when god is not present to us her story of survival. survival. and a mountain lion on loose in a residential area. area. 3 now thingssended for the neighbors and the big cat. saying goodbye to william donalddschaefer. schaefer. --honor guard marching natt--
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&pnats-- people from all over the heir respects to the maryland icon. icon. "just look around, everytting that he's done and yoo tell me how can not love hi" him." tonight...the grand tribute to his life and legacy before he is laid to rest. 3 good evening, i'm jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off. william donald schaefer as he takes final tour from annapolis to balttmore. baltimore.the first viewing for schaefer was held this morning at the state housee governor martin o'malley led the honor guard as they carried schaefer's casket. following beeind.... a line of people so long it wrapped everyone there with a memory of schaefer's life. 3 "he waa a man who knew the said i had to thereei just had - to be there there crowds of people continued to pay their respectssin
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annapolis through the early afternoon hours. from annapoois...schaefe r'sscasket went on a ttur of baltimore. one of the first places the motorcade drove past wassschaefer's seeinn the casket was very - now lives in that home.y who 3 "that's why it's bitter sweet,,because thhs is his and nobbdy can take his place." very appropriate for him- he 3 would have loved it! taiior-made foo scahefer. scahefer. and many lined the streets doontown... to thaak schaefer for making the inner harbor what t is today... the procession passed several other landmarks ... including lexington market, the yarrs. 3 the procession ended at city hall in baltimore.... where schaefer will lie in state until tooorrow niggt. &pnight. melinda roeder ii liie there tonight... where city leaders and citizens sttpped
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at times it seeeed more like a celebration... compleee with the baltimore ravens pep band. schaefer's motorcade... arrived... for his final stop at city hall... the crowd grew somber and silent. 16:43:58 some cried... some mayor stephanie rawlings blake....joined the honor guard in escorting schaefer'ss casket into city hall.... where it was gently placed in thh rotunda.inside, a small cerrmony of mostly dignitaries... including city their hands on theecasket in a caring gesture of resect. crowd gathered and waited in line... for their channe to also say goodbye.the public viewing brought hundreds out to ccty hall. and it was a diverse crowd... from local celebrities to common citizens.
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for whatever came out of baltimore.. eccentric and different and he knew how to &pturn the city around. he did a great job."> city hall is shrouded in black tonight. and even thougg tomorrow is a furlough day for city employees... the roounda will be open to the public. live from city hall, melinda roeder, fox 45 news... late edition. &p city all will open aaain tomorrow where the public viewing will continue from nine nine p-m. m. and the uneral will be held at old st. paul's on wednesday starting at 11am... with burial at dulaaey valley memorial gardens. and fox45 will william donald schaefer on wednesday.. live coveraae begins at 11 a-m....
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it will plso be streamed through our website.. foxbaltimore dot com. 3 the ssrong reaction to the beating of a transsexuul woman at a mcdonalds n rrsedale sparked a rally at that restaurant today. today."we all have to end this.."oq: clapping clapping dozznssgathered in support of crrssy polis...she was the victim of this attack... capturrd on a cell phone camera and spread across the internet.while most of the &pmcdonald'' workers did nothhn to stop the beating woman did step up. "they were dragging her by her hair, they were beating her, it was like they were killing her, they wanted her dead" dead"vicky thoms says the girls screamed at her to mmnd &pher own business...and the 14 year old allegedly ppnchhd her in the face.meanwhile the
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other suspect... 18-year-old teonna brown... is charged with assault.according to &pcourt recorrs... brown was chargeddjust last year withha similar assault at the same mcdonalds. see the entire video from inside the mcdonald's and hear all of whht the victim had to say on our baltimore dot earlier we asked...should the mcdonald's attack be treated as a hate crime? so far 92 yes.terr writes on facebook...""uue ssunds like a hate crimm to me." pe." but alicia writes..."aren't all viollnt crimes hate crimes? anne arundel county police and the family of a teacher murdered re appealing to the public for help tonight.. tonight.....they all gathered where myra cassn's life nded - three months ago. &pdetectives were there today too.. with flyers.. looking for informationn.........each person there got one to take back to their neighhorhoodd.. with an appeaa to help find a killer. come forward, with any information... (ms. gaither/victim'sssister) "i have noo lost my faith. so,
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i have faith ii someone cooing forward. someone has to come forward, somebody knows it's significant, but who ink knows, it might be. please come, help us" us" cason was a retired school teacher from glen burnne.. found cason's body iiside her red suzuki sidekick on the morning of january 28. someone called police after potting shattered glass car.. with a gunshot wound to the chest.. a stunning discovery made on the parking lot outside aapep boys on ritchie highway. an 85 year old cathooic nun trapped in an elevator for almost 4 days.... and she calls he incident a blessing. blessing. it happened at st mary of the assumption's convent in govans. sister margaret geary says she was alone in the building on friday... while the other sisters were out of toon for a convention. she got onto the
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aging elevator to get to her 3rd floor apartment...but found herself trapped... until tuesddy morning. she spent thee tiie praying: 3 "the realization of gods loving presense in our lives, always...there is notta moment when god is not present to us and loving us." on a iitle water, ceeery ann cough drops. 3 a bad day for about 7--housand pepco cuustomers in prince george's county.a power outage that lasted about three hours sunday morning... has been blamed on a snakk.pepco says a large snake got stuck in a brraker at a substation ann was electrocuted... interrupting service for thousaads of ccstomerr. ---mountain lion growling--- -- and a bad day for a mountain lion.. that ended up lost near downtown tulsa
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can see the big cat... hiding behind houses after being phased by animal control was eventually shot with a tranquulizer... and carriid away by officers. neighbors watched the scene froo a safe distance... mos says: i saw her try to shoot it with thh tranquilizee and she missed..aad it growled real big in the tree and it just jumped...ann i don't know i just started running. running. it's not clear where the mountain lion came from but it's being held at and a good day for a britishh touriit who helped save a child's life. helen beard spotted a one year-old child, balcony of a motel.beard rushed to get under the falling catch the "i do recall running and deliberately trying to catch trying to be in theeright place toocatch her. hoping me would move her out the day.
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phey didn't. i caught her and ssfficiently."police presented beard with a medal of merit award... for savinn the child's life.the little girl was not hurt in the fall. --- adlib oss to emily--- 3
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millioos of dollars in unclaimed property could be up for ggabs.tomorrow, newspaaers will publish the names f 59-thousand ownerr of unclaimed funds and property. it adds up to more than 41 million dollars.unclaimed propeety is turned over to the state by banks and other financial institutions that can't locate an wner. for more information on unclaimed funds, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash newslinkss 3 3 the aftermath of a majjo storm... how many homes were destroyed in this midwesterr state .... that's next and he was likk that's where we're from. and i was like wow, we're from the next town over lunenberg." &plunenberg." perfect strangers uncover a ccnnection... he chance enccuntee that brought two brotherr together... helton says: "i'm so worried and concerned about my family." familyy"a family tormented by
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bees... who they blame for the problem... coming up 3 whoa, i should get mom a samsung fascinate.
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midwest... &p in missouri... the damage is through the saint lluis area. it was the √°most√° powerful tornado to hit thh area in over four decades. more than 700 homes were damaged or destroyed. remarkaaly... no one was killed or serioussy hurt. - 3
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lindsay lohhn beggns her 480 hours of community service today... after getting bailed out of jail.the actress was sentenced to 120 days behinn bars for violating her ppobaaion for drunken driving. but she was quickly released... after ppsting a 75- thousand dollar bond.lohan is community service at a los angeles women's center nd then a morgue... whill her lawyer continues to fight jail time. helton says: "i'll open my door and tte hum off he beesa?& it's amazing," and a rotting house in for thousands of bees and a e health hazard for residents who live nearby. one neighbor says its been a problem for years...and the owner of the home doesn't seem to be around anymore. the county says it can't do anythinggabout it.... but common sense should tell you
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if it's been a problee this long someone should step in. 3 --he's on it and nobody is gonna get in his way--- way--- a hawk steals the spotlight at a major league baseball game... what happened in the third inning that caught fans attention... that's rriht after the break .a judge rules to lift thh n-f-l's lockout... how thh owners plan to keep it in place... next in sports... this is the aircraft logbook.
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we have to write down everything about every flight. with so many new southwest flights, that's a lot of ink. i filled up three of these this month already. kinda like the little black book... of all the cities we've dated. [ male announcer ] starting june 5th, fly southwest airlines' new nonstop service from bwi airport to new york newark for just $69 one way. is "camera crew" two words or one word? [ laughs ] you should know. you're the camera man. [ ding ]
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you should know. you're the camera man. get this... a hungry hawk steals the attention at a baseball game in milwaukee. milwaukee.--that hawk soaring through miller park in fox mode- mode---brewers fans were ddstracted when the hawk made an appearaace last nightyou can see the hawk spot another bird... then ake his ove... after taking down his prey... the hawk made himself comfortable near right field... he stayed put through three innings.. until flying away when the first base umpire moved toward him. ((bruce at rp))finally
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some real news from theennl labor front...federal court judge susan richard nelson this evening granted players &pan injunction to lift the lockout...problem is, no one really seems to know what it means..((take vo))we do know this: the owners willlfile an immediate appeal with the 8th ciicuit court, and it's expected that process could take less than a week...if the appealate court agrees with judge nelson and doesn't grant the appeall then free gency and other offseason business would presumably begin immediately thereafter..possib ly under the old rules in absense of a new collective bargaining agreement..judge nelson says she was swayed by harm to heir careers...the le - owners fired bacxk that they don't think federal law permits injunctions in labor dicputes....udge david doty, whoois seen as friendlier to appeal...stay tuned.hat ((bruce-rp))so, wwth the uncertainty aaopund the lockout, players are doinn what they can to stay in shape...several teams have playuers holding their own
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workouts, and yes, the ravens doing some throwing to his is receivers..((take vo)))he ravens quarterback is in arizona, where he began ttrowing today with several of his teammaqtes, including todd heap, anquan boldin, derrek mason ed dickson and dennis pitta...flacco says he's been staying loose by throwing baseballs with his brother mike, an oriole farmhand..he says he's also been running and hittiig thh weights..and hh says he's coofident they'll be playing football this fall... ((bruce at rp)) meanwhile...a night off forr the orioles, who can certainly use it...they're coming off of a two game sweep at the hands of the yankees. and when hey get back to business tomorrow night, things don't figure to get any easier...((take vo)) they host the red sox in a three game horribly, but now is among the hottest teams in baseball, having won 5 in a row...every &pseries they've played thus fa has been against a very ood the ranners, yankees and indians...they know they'll not be getting a break from the schedulemaker anytime ""t's a tough division. every ttam's good, every team can swing it. there's some
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good arms out there and we pfel we're riiht up there with them. it's just we've gotten bounces there and come out on the losing end somehow. i think the off-day is really going to help out. get some guys rested, est some injuries and like i said, just come back tuesday and strap it up aad go. ready to go."rookie hurler zach britton will be on the mound tomorrow night against the red sox... 3 and finally tonight... a
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11:27 pm haapened in wo bbot- hawaii... rick hill and his faaily were visiting frrm central massachusetts... when to take their picture.joe ger parker snapped the photo... and struck up a conversation with the family...asking where they were wasn't long before they uncovered thee connection---- half brothers, who knew of each other, but had never met. parker says: "who would think that you could take a camera from a perfect stranger and it end up being your sister-in-law and brother that you've never met before in
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your life 6,000 miles away from where we're from is mind blowing to say the least." least." and fortunately, they hit it off... plan to spenddtime together with their that's all for the late edition...thanks for joining goodnight. 3 3 [ male announcer ] bell helmets,
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